1993 called and offered up time-lapse videos

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of time-lapse videos float past me online, mainly from JustinVL, who has been cranking them out like he enjoys making them or something. ;-)

This got me to thinking about some of the early ones I’d made when I was just getting started in video.  One day, I’ll recreate my very first one, which was more of a stop-motion video of a chess game in which about three moves from a black checkmate a model of the Millennium Falcon strafes the board for a white victory, recorded one frame at a time using a NewTek Digiview on my Amiga 2000, with the laser blasts painted in with Brilliance (I think) frame-by-frame.

All that aside, I did a little digging in my files and found some actual time-lapse videos I shot during the summer of 1993, with my then kick-ass Panasonic shoulder-mount camera (I can’t remember the model number, I’m afraid – but it was huge).  I strung them together and tossed them onto YouTube for your enjoyment.  All three are essentially the same view, facing west from my apartment on Donald Street, and are in chronological order (but I have no idea as to the exact date, just that the tape was dated 1993).

YouTube Link

And yes, I do believe that I eventually damaged the sensor in the camera, after leaving it running exposed to the Sun for so long. Thank goodness I got the extended warranty on it.

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