Canada Day, Part 2

We had just about everything on Canada Day; sunshine, cloud, rain, 100km/h wind gusts 1.25cm (0.5 inch) *HAIL* – just about everything except snow (thank goodness).

In the morning, we went for a walk through the market to Confederation Park where we watched some Ukrainian dancers and a Tai-Chi demonstration, then up Elgin street past many really great smelling chip trucks, to the Hill, which was packed with people. There were performers everywhere. Sax players, violinists, flutes.. Even Hare Krishnas chanting and singing.

We continued to Major’s Hill Park for a quick look around, watched the Sky Hawks [link] jump out of a perfectly good aircraft, and then went to Planet Coffee.

It turns out that one of the women who works there also does capoeira [link] a really cool dance / martial art and she was going to be performing in the market with her group. We would have like to have seen it, but we of course had the BBQ to get ready for.

We headed home, relaxed a bit and started to think about lunch. Then two friends who were biking into downtown (Sherrie and Ron) arrived. We chatted for some time. The Snowbirds [link] flew by our place – one of the advantages of being about 30 seconds by air from the hill.

Its amazing how much I wander when I’m writing these entries. I write a paragraph, the see whats needs linkage, get the links and in the course of getting them, come across something else – for example; I wanted to have the link to the Snowbirds link, so I hunt it down, and notice a button on the SnowBirds page asking if I want to be a pilot (of course! I’d love to!), so I click the , and read the PDF file. I would really like to learn to fly a helicopter. Jets are nice too, but helicopters are the coolest to me. Well, thats not true. All aircraft are cool to me, but I think I would be a good helicopter pilot. Maybe that will be my next job. ;-)

Anyways, Ron and Sherrie left for the Hill, and we had lunch. We saw that it was starting to cloud over and decided it was time to tarp the yard so the BBQ would be covered. We were just getting the tarp set up when the storm hit. And it did *hit* – suddenly the wind picked right up, there was lightening and thunder and the rain just came down. We gave up trying to set the tarp up in the wind (and it didn’t seem to be too bright of an idea to be outside in a bad thunderstorm holding metal poles). The wind helped push the part to the side and we retreated inside. Moments later, the hail started – some of it was at least a half inch in size, maybe larger. The storm raged for a ten minutes or so, and then boom, the sun was out. In the distance, we heard many sirens. I later learned that during the storm at Major’s Hill Park, people (stupidly) took shelter under trees and a large branch fell onto some people and injured them.

People, *never* use trees as shelter in thunderstorms. If the tree gets hit, you get hit. There is a safety zone that is around 45 degrees (half way from a right angle) from the top of the tree if you are concerned about being struck by lightening, but you will get wet and or pelted by hail.

Anyways, the storm passed, we set up the tarp just in case more rain was in order (and it provides nice shade). About an hour later, people started to arrive and the party began. Its always really great to see that people come to our parties. We had a great turnout even though Denis was in China and a few others were out of town.

The fireworks I ordered for the party worked out really well – when they were over, you could hear the cheering on Parliament Hill, much to my pleasure. ;-)

Tonight Kilbride is playing at Patty Bolands, and I’m trying to justify going to see them to myself, seeing as I’ll be there in the morning. Mind you, Kilbride won’t be.