How to back up your iPhone

With iOS 7 coming out tomorrow (September 18th, 2013), I thought it might be handy to take a minute and make a video on how to back up an iPhone. As readers of this blog (should) know by now, I’m uncomfortable doing anything without a backup (you should be too).

Backing up an iPhone is pretty simple – connect the iPhone to your computer, open iTunes, click the phone, and select back up.

You’ll notice that my iPhone backups are encrypted – if someone got their hands on my MacPro, I don’t need them getting all the info from my iPhone as well. Additionally, selecting an encrypted backup includes nearly all of your passwords, so you won’t have to spend a tonne of time re-entering them all.

If you’re wondering why I don’t just back up to iCloud, it’s easy; my iPhone is 64GB, and iCloud doesn’t remotely cover that.


Quick tip: How to find out where a photo was taken using

Today, many people are using smart phones instead of cameras, or have cameras that can record GPS information. Getting access to that GPS information is easy. Here’s how:

  1. Open the photo in
  2. Open the Inspector (⌘-I) and select the More Info (icon is an I)
  3. Pick the GPS tab, and at the bottom on that window, click Locate
  4. This should open up your default web browser, and display the GPS location in Google Maps.

See? Easy!