Spammers. Yeesh!

As you may or may not know, I spend a fair amount of my day dealing with spammers who try to annoy me and my clients.

Don’t these people realize that they are wasting people’s time? Its one thing if you have signed up to a company’s newsletter, but a completely different story if you are just sending unsolicited commercial email – also known as spam.

How can anyone think its a good idea to annoy that many peoiple, when more and more are taking the time to complain about it?

Anyways, I just needed to vent.

Off to badminton with me!

Evil Weather becomes a great weekend

So, this past weekend it was supposed to rain all weekend. But, it turns out that it didn’t – well it was somewhat drizzely on Saturday, but it wasn’t that bad. I went to a restaurant called the Yellow River which was fantastic!

Sunday, I went for brunch at Patty Bolands (they have an excellent brunch, you should know), and then wandered around the Market, looking at all the cars that were there for the Byward Market Auto Classic (I think thats the offical name, anyways).

It was alot of fun. Not as many cars as last year, but I think thats in part due to the forcast for nasty weather. Of course, there are pictures here for those of you interested.

Today was a billing/accounting day (yawn). But, badminton was alot of fun. Its been extended by a few more sessions. Yay!

VCHS Memories…

You know, its always interesting when someone from your past contacts you after finding you online. Tonight, just a few minutes before I left for badminton, I got an email from a friend I haven’t heard from since high school. What a hoot!