Change to morning routine

About a month ago, I read an article *somewhere* on the Internet (I haven’t been able to locate the specific page since then) about how starting off your day with immediately reading your work email once you wake up is a bad idea  The article suggested that one should get up, putter around, have breakfast, and then when you’ve sat down at the computer, to *then* check email.

Seeing as I normally check email within seconds of becoming conscious, this idea struck me as both odd and worth giving a shot.  So, I did.

Fast forward to three weeks later (to today).

For three weeks, I have been carefully resisting the urge to check email while I’m still in bed. Sometimes that urge is amazingly powerful, but so far, I’ve managed to not do it.  I check Twitter, listen to the CBC news at the top of the hour, read the news on a few apps (Globe & Mail, BBC News, NYTimes, CBC, National Post…), and jot down any ideas I’ve had. Then I get up and get my tea started and otherwise putter about before getting to the computer to check email.

Will I continue?

To be honest, I don’t think so, but I do believe that I’ll just shift email to the last thing that I do before getting out of bed, which, I think is a fair balance for my brain, and as you can imagine, your kilometreage will vary.

Oh, that brain of mine.

2 thoughts on “Change to morning routine”

  1. I don’t really have a morning routine set in place yet but I definitely try to avoid my e-mail until I get in the office.

    I don’t know how checking my e-mail would change how productive I am, but lots of people comment on it.

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