Feedback: iOS Passcode Lock enhancement

I think this would be particularly handy:

Having a setting in iOS to designate safe zones like home or work (designated by GPS, wifi hotspots, and maybe Bluetooth), and when the iOS device was within that zone (say 50-100 metres of the spot) the iOS passcode lock would automatically disengage.

This would encourage iOS users to use the passcode lock while away from these zones (increasing security), while easing the security when the device was “safe”.

9 thoughts on “Feedback: iOS Passcode Lock enhancement”

  1. Very nice idea, but even if it did happen, I bet my company wouldn’t let up the auto-lock. Ours are forced to lock after 15 minutes. It used to be every five minutes until IT started to get death threats.

    Also, I’ve worked places where an unlocked phone on a desk will be snagged by devious co-workers to send e-mails like “To: Boss; Subject: Booger”. I will neither confirm nor deny whether I have been one of those devious cow-orkers.

    1. In the case of a place of employment like that, I think it would be fair to say that I wouldn’t designate it a “safe” zone.

  2. I would love android to do this as well. You think there would be an app for this kind of thing (and there probably is for Android :P but I haven’t looked yet).

    To be able to have my phone turn on and be ready to use rather than doing my unlock gesture (more difficult than just swiping and about the same as punching in a pin) would be nice.

        1. That’s a bunch. I’ve always been interested in the more comprehensive automation tools like Tasker, which apparently can also do this particular trick. Might just go for that. I don’t *always* have WIFI on at home, but it’s always on at work… and when it is on, it’d be nice to save myself the pattern swipes. :-)

        2. So, some of these more complex applications take it many steps further, including using cell towers (instead of presence of a wifi network) as the trigger. Llama lets you do both/either, with the main drawback being that the use case is hard to actually test when setting up. ;-)

  3. While I can’t recall the name, there’ve been similar apps for the Mac laptops… I would love something like this too… perhaps it doesn’t implicitly unlock when I get home, but after I do, it changes the timers, etc…

  4. Not a bad idea at all! I’d still like to see Apple implement some kind of variation on the pattern-unlock feature found on Android. Granted you can kind of do that already with the simple lock, but you’re limited to just four numbers.

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