First photowalk and more

Looking to the light.
Tuesday, the weather was well above zero most of the day, so I put on my shorts and went for an impromptu photowalk. I didn’t wander too far – only about 6km, but I had a nice time sauntering along, stopping to take photos when I saw something I thought was worth a shot.

I also used it as an opportunity to test the accuracy of my iPod Nano’s pedometer versus the GPS-based app in my iPhone, RunKeeper. By the end of the walk, the Nano reported 6.14 KM and the iPhone 6.00 KM, a difference of about two percent, which is close enough for me. I’ll test it on a longer walk next week.

As well, in the past weeks, I’ve caught up on my photo uploads to Flickr, including the rest of the photos from our trips to Algonquin and FanExpo last summer.

The shots from last summer have not had the benefit of any post-processing, but I’d love to know which photos you liked the most.