First ride in years

Now that my bike is back from the shop, it was time to get out on it, for the first time in at least three years.

When I hit my mid-day low, I decided it was time to get out on my bike to see if I could remember how it worked.

As the saying goes “It’s just like riding a bike”. I got onto my bike, and headed out onto King Edward, successfully navigated traffic to Sussex, and then started southward on the Rideau River Eastern Parkway all the way down to Hog’s Back Falls, and then down the east side of the Rideau Canal to Sussex and then home again.

I was particularly pleased that my average speed was around 20 km/hr, and the burning of over 800 calories certainly didn’t hurt either. Once I hit a reasonably straight, flat section, I made a run for it to see how fast I could get up to. Pedal, pedal, pedal. Faster, faster faster. My bike computer hit 41 km/hr and then I coasted for a long time, and resumed cruising along at my regular pace.

Now, it’s time to head off to badminton, and see if my legs will still work there.

Maybe it’s time for you to get out walking or cycling instead of napping or watching TV.

4 thoughts on “First ride in years”

  1. It IS time for me to walk or cycle… I really should… Good on you though for getting out there. I miss the Hog’s Back area.

  2. And I just did my first rollerblade excursion, went almost 7KM – felt great… probably could’ve gone longer!

  3. All you have to do David is put your shoes on and walk out the door for a couple of hours.

    Good for you Myke. I’m not sure if tomorrow it’s a ride or a cycle.. or both.

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