Introducing Sprocket, the MinPin

Tracey and I have been dog-less since Boing passed in April of 2010, and over time, we’ve come to really miss the pit-patter of little feet in our home.  After a few months of watching the various pet rescue sites, we went and rather suddenly, ended up meeting two minpins one early Sunday morning, and fell in love with the first one we met who took to both of us right away.


Early last Friday morning, Becca came into our home, and after some deliberation and a few times accidentally calling her Boing, we settled on her new name, Sprocket, yes, just like the dog from Fraggle Rock, even though she doesn’t look anything like him.

She’s been living with us for a week now, with everyone getting used to each other, and has been slowly meeting our friends in her hyper-excited manner.  Needless to say, she’s been occupying a lot of our time, as we started training and playing sometimes near-endless games of fetch the Cthulhu-toy. We’re happy to introduce you to her, and she’s mega-excited to meet you!

We’ve set Sprocket up on Twitter, Flickr, and even has her own blog.

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  1. Sprocket you are one lucky pup! You’ll know doubt gets lots of love and attention in your new home.

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