iPhone feature request: Hold music interception.

Passing through one hour, fifty minutes on hold for @Primus_Business. WTH?We’ve all been where I am right now, on hold for what seems like forever, being tortured by absolutely terrible quality hold music, that goes on and on, punctuated by a variation of “thanks for holding”, which by the tenth time you’ve heard are ready to commit acts of unspeakable violence.

So here’s the idea:

When placed on hold, the iPhone detects that you’ve been put on hold and instead of allowing the user to be subjected to low-quality hold music, the iPhone offers to play music (or podcast / audiobook) that is on your phone until the other party returns. If the user doesn’t want music, the iPhone could keep an eye on the call and alert them when the other party came back on the line.

The catch would be for the iPhone to not return any false-positives from the “thanks for holding” messages.

This would prevent 96% of all hold-music-caused homicides.

iPhone feature request: Hold music interception.

And yes, I had to sit on hold for 110+ minutes. Primus hasn’t answered any email tickets, so I phoned. And waited, but that’s another post.

5 thoughts on “iPhone feature request: Hold music interception.”

  1. How does something like this not exist? To be honest, I figured we would have more companies allowing configurable options. I’d be just as happy to have a “Press # to receive no more music or notices until your call is connected with an agent”

  2. Well, it might make the whole experience less unpleasant…but for how long?

    And I suspect the people selling music access to the people keeping you on hold will have objections to this idea for reasons of Business Model Preservation.

    1. The music we used was all free creative commons no attribution/share-alike stuff… so we didn’t even pay for it.

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