Yesterday, when I saw reading /., I read an article about how scholars are trying to get as much information as possible on half of the 6500 languages that reside on this planet, half of which are due to vanish completely when the last speakers die off.

The concept of 6500 languages stuck somewhere deep in my head. Thats an amazing number of languages. I am no linguist, but I would imagine that alot of those are dialects, but tht does not diminish it for me.

Still, it fills me with a sense of wonder that there can be so many different ways to communicate with one another.

Some time ago, on the radio I heard voice of a (young?) Japanese woman singing something so incredibly sad and haunting I sometimes hear it in my mind late, late at night. I wonder what she was saying. Today, while I was watching tv, I came across an recording of an Iman performing a service at a mosque, and it sounded so beautiful.

I love the sounds of language, and I feel bad that I can only speak two, when I know people who can speak five or more.