Laser Quest

So what the heck is this, you ask? Its alot of fun. LQ (Laser Quest) is a multi-player game played in a darkened maze with music, fog and flashing lights as you try to shoot other people in the game. You are given a pack which consists of a vest and a laser gun. The gun and vest are covered with lights which are targets for others to shoot at. It can be likened to a Quake deathmatch without the gore. ;-)

The rules are pretty simple; no running, no climbing, no sitting, kneeling or lying down on the floor, don’t to cover your targets, no foul language, and no physical contact between players (some people get really annoyed when you shoot them). After a few dozen games, you start to be able to recite the rules in your hear pretty easily. Its rather funny if you repeat the rules back to the marshal backwards. For example:
marshal: “I will not run, climb or jump!.”
me: “I will not jump, climb or run!”

The basic game is called “Solo Named” – each player is on thier own, unlimited shots and unlimited “lives” (you can be shot over and over and conversly you can shoot others over and over…). When you get shot, your pack shuts down for five seconds, giving you the chance to re-position yourself (ie; flee or get cover).

Another common game is “Frantic” which is exactly that – frantic. Again its unlimited lives, unlimited shots, but downtimes are one or two seconds. This means that you don’t really have a chance to re-position yourself, so you pretty much have to be quick about it.

There are team games which are fun – up to three teams can play at a time, and they can be broken up pretty much any way. In fact, some years ago, at my birthday, it was myself and two friends against everyone else (around 20). That was fun – although not very fair – for them even with the 7-to-1 odds.

There are other games – Terminator – which a few players are designated as Terminators and then hunt the others – humans.. There is Paintball inwhich you have unlimited shots but two lives. Queen Bee, which is completely insane, and my personal favorite – even though it can’t be played anymore due to legal issues – Stab in the dark . This was played with all the lights in the maze off, leaving you to fumble your way around in the dark, with only the lights of your pack to guide you. There are many, many variations of Laser Quest to keep it interesting and fun.

LQ Games

Mar 26, 2011 15:551109513499%34Solo Named
Second birthday game. Scoring was much closer, but oh so much fun!
Mar 26, 2011 15:131138515599%36Solo Named
First game in a year, and had a great time with friends, most of whom occupied the top ten. Also grabbed the high score for the day.
Mar 28, 2010 15:411113416937%36Solo Named
I won this game, Taskmaster was third, also played: Tracey, Julia, Katheryne, Brad, Peter, Warren, and Josh.
Mar 28, 2010 14:59282815396%30Solo Named
Was won by Taskmaster, also included Tracey, Julia, Katheryne, Brad, Peter, Warren, and Josh.
Mar 28, 2009 17:52287514577%35Solo Named
Taskmaster managed to beat be by a few points on this game, but I spent much of it picking on a team of three up in the crows nest.
Mar 28, 2009 17:12190116386%35Solo Named
First game in exactly a year, I still managed to eek out a first place finish. In attendance, Taskmaster, Beast, and a few folks from Twitter; @halyma @markabell and @mware
Mar 28, 2008 19:38168013306%21Solo Named
Birthday game, Tracey, Alex, Crystal and Paul – dueled with Crystal and Paul some.
Mar 28, 2008 19:01188817205%16Solo Named
Birthday game, Tracey, Alex, Crystal and Paul
Jul 13, 2007 19:22189613707%34Solo Named
The second game for my 2007 birthday, I got sucked into playing against two teams for most of the game – one group of three in the crow’s nest and a group of five on the second floor, back. This game gave me third place for the day. All in all, a fun evening. I really need to get back into it.
Jul 13, 2007 18:551140118058%23Frantic
The first of my two greatly delayed birthday LQ games. I was pleased with my first place finish, nearly double that of second place. Taskmaster, Blackbane, Crystal, Alex, Yun (and his daughter), Louis, and Bree (!) came out – thanks! I got the highest score of the day with this game. (woot!)
Dec 24, 2006 14:361103415537%35Solo Named
Same group, lots of fun, got first and second for the day for my trouble. ;-)
Dec 24, 2006 13:561101815427%35Solo Named
One of two games on xmas eve. Plenty of fun, although Tracey’s gun broke down in the game, robbing her of second place. Players included Tracey, Crystal, Bree, Mel and Martin

Some interesting averages (okay, maybe they aren’t interesting to you).

Game# of GamesRankScoreShotsRatioPlayersPts/PlayerShot/pts
All Games93 [100.00%]1.881,051.491,634.826.9124.8442.331.55
Solo Named76 [81.72%]1.82967.341,523.466.8024.6839.191.57
Frantic12 [12.90%]2.581,209.921,851.507.4228.4242.581.53
Ironman5 [5.38%]1.201,950.402,807.407.4018.60104.861.44

Are you really bored?  You can see all games (that I found score cards for, anyways) if you want to kill some time.

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