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Obviously, you must be bored to tears to be looking at this. Of course, unless you happen to be me – I seem to enjoy looking over the numbers. As I find older score cards, I’ll add them in. Most of the older games don’t have any notes because I really don’t remember anything about them now.

Mar 26, 2011 15:551109513499%34Solo Named
Second birthday game. Scoring was much closer, but oh so much fun!
Mar 26, 2011 15:131138515599%36Solo Named
First game in a year, and had a great time with friends, most of whom occupied the top ten. Also grabbed the high score for the day.
Mar 28, 2010 15:411113416937%36Solo Named
I won this game, Taskmaster was third, also played: Tracey, Julia, Katheryne, Brad, Peter, Warren, and Josh.
Mar 28, 2010 14:59282815396%30Solo Named
Was won by Taskmaster, also included Tracey, Julia, Katheryne, Brad, Peter, Warren, and Josh.
Mar 28, 2009 17:52287514577%35Solo Named
Taskmaster managed to beat be by a few points on this game, but I spent much of it picking on a team of three up in the crows nest.
Mar 28, 2009 17:12190116386%35Solo Named
First game in exactly a year, I still managed to eek out a first place finish. In attendance, Taskmaster, Beast, and a few folks from Twitter; @halyma @markabell and @mware
Mar 28, 2008 19:38168013306%21Solo Named
Birthday game, Tracey, Alex, Crystal and Paul – dueled with Crystal and Paul some.
Mar 28, 2008 19:01188817205%16Solo Named
Birthday game, Tracey, Alex, Crystal and Paul
Jul 13, 2007 19:22189613707%34Solo Named
The second game for my 2007 birthday, I got sucked into playing against two teams for most of the game – one group of three in the crow’s nest and a group of five on the second floor, back. This game gave me third place for the day. All in all, a fun evening. I really need to get back into it.
Jul 13, 2007 18:551140118058%23Frantic
The first of my two greatly delayed birthday LQ games. I was pleased with my first place finish, nearly double that of second place. Taskmaster, Blackbane, Crystal, Alex, Yun (and his daughter), Louis, and Bree (!) came out – thanks! I got the highest score of the day with this game. (woot!)
Dec 24, 2006 14:361103415537%35Solo Named
Same group, lots of fun, got first and second for the day for my trouble. ;-)
Dec 24, 2006 13:561101815427%35Solo Named
One of two games on xmas eve. Plenty of fun, although Tracey’s gun broke down in the game, robbing her of second place. Players included Tracey, Crystal, Bree, Mel and Martin
Dec 8, 2006 19:421148017249%34Frantic
I shot Crystal 20 times in this game. ;-) Bwahahaha! I admit it. I was picking on her.
Dec 8, 2006 19:021110215448%35Solo Named
First game for the Routhier Centre’s Xmas party. Made third for the day.
Jul 18, 2006 15:18276313626%31Solo Named
Another fun game, but I had a hard time finding anyone.
Jul 18, 2006 14:39375012677%35Solo Named
Good game, had a hard time hitting people. Spent much time goofing.
Jul 18, 2006 14:021105815997%31Solo Named
First game since March, played pretty well in spite of a gun with a sticky trigger finger. Placed first, and made first for the day as well.
Mar 26, 2006 13:371133216138%35Solo Named
Second game of the day, my score sheet spanned two pages, despite accidently clubbing a kid with my gun as he walked into my space as I was switching sides to fire on. I managed to still get second place for the day, but if I hadn’t had to stop to see how that kid was, I can imagine that I would have perhaps made first. Afterwards, we used one of the party rooms for cake and snacks.
Mar 26, 2006 12:512111316877%34Solo Named
First game in… well, a year. I missed first place by 6 points. Six. At least first place went to a member, Fry. The LQ staff member messed up my name too – M C T? How do you get that? Ah well, it just confused everyone that much more. This was a combined birthday game with my nephew Warren.
Mar 26, 2005 16:011107715437%24Solo Named
Won first place for the game and first place for the day. I had a hard time finding other players, but still managed to have a good time.
Mar 26, 2005 15:19274313896%28Solo Named
Taskmaster beat me badly – he had 1059. Pack 17 just couldn’t hit *anything*. Taskmaster and I dueled for a while – where we had a great time.
Mar 18, 2005 14:141117115248%35Solo Named
Our second game of the day (and last). Missed topping my previous score by 18 points, but was enough to secure first place in the game and second place for the day. Yes, I had first *and* second place for the day. One teenager told me in-game that he thought I took the game too seriously. I laughed and shot him. I’m there to enjoy myself. It isn’t my fault I’m reasonably good.
I hit 33 players this game and my score card for spanned two pages! Bwahahah!
Mar 18, 2005 13:341118916318%35Solo Named
First game in nearly a year, went with my nephews who this was their first game. 2nd place was about 2/3 of my score. Placed first for the day by about 400 points. I had a good time – Laser Quest really is alot of fun!
Mar 27, 2004 17:432112916967%35Frantic
This game was fun because once again, I didn’t realize that it was a frantic game until I got hit a few times in a very short period of time. I spent *way* too much time shooting my wife and one of my friends from badminton with a mid-level, trying some new hand positions to see if I could improve my aim, including a new thumb-on-trigger combination – not the usual thumb combo I use, but an adjustment. Ray won the game, with me about 40 points behind him, taking first and second place for the day as well. Overall, alot of fun!
Mar 27, 2004 17:04193115236%28Solo Named
The first game of my 32nd birthday celebrations. This game included many of my friends who had never actually played LQ before, so I spent some time imparting what little knowledge and tips that I had.
Jan 1, 2004 16:291116412919%29Solo Named
This game was *alot* of fun. I ran into a group of Japanese folks who were alot of fun and I showed them some tricks to the game. I ended up with first place for the game and first place overall for the day (and this was the last game of the day). I also beat the second place player by almost double, much to his shock.
Jan 1, 2004 15:52272712927%28Solo Named
This was the first game that I have played in some time. Interestingly, it was a welcome-back game for my buddy Denis who returned to Canada after four months in China. I lost first place by about 13 points – two hits.
May 16, 2003 18:222119416627%35Solo Named
Interesting game, Taskmaster won by less than 30 points. More Fans ;-)
Mar 30, 2003 19:105111917947%26Frantic
Member’s night game – Ray had a gun with the laser’s sensors turned off, so really, no one could hit him. He was in third, Gunrunner and Armageddon came in first and second.
Fun game.
There were two other games that night – both team games, and I haven’t decided how to register those in the database, because there are so many types of games.
Mar 29, 2003 20:36184914906%35Solo Named
Ah, teenage girls. This game was a full one – 35 players. In the upper front there were four or five teenie boppers and they put up a good fight -all with sex in the name.
You never saw such trash-talking kids. When I called them teenie-boppers, they said that they were 21. Heh. Funny, girls, funny. Anyways, its always fun for me to take on teams. Clubbing baby seals… Tee-hee-hee!
Thanks to all my friends who came out for the shootem-up fest!
Mar 29, 2003 19:551110417097%23Frantic
First game for my LQ birthday party. Tough game, with a pack that had a really hard time hitting anything, but, I managed to prevail. ;-) Also, I didn’t know it was a Frantic game until after the fact (you play a bit differently in that case).
Mar 7, 2003 21:10258912206%17Solo Named
Fun game. Played against a marshal who was very fast at nailing my laser. Also had a group of lads who were rather high on pot, judging by the way they acted and the smell of them.
Mar 7, 2003 20:49388715476%17Solo Named
Small game, hard to find people, crappy gun. (number 2, methinks)
Mar 7, 2003 20:05592818365%32Solo Named
I had a hard time finding anyone in the game, and then kept dueling with the marshal when we ran into each other throughout the maze – only to find out that the points didn’t count!
Mar 7, 2003 19:19299518785%21Solo Named
Hard game, won by a small kid called “Crusher”. Spent most of the game fighting 6+ kids. Very hard to hit because they are so short!
Feb 7, 2003 21:151101112938%17Solo Named
After this game, people were talking about me and how I played (nac-like). It was a fun night. After this Ray and I went to Subway for a drink and chat.
Feb 7, 2003 20:401150418199%27Frantic
In this game, I went to the crows nest, and there were *five* people in there. They told me that they would just shoot me until I left. It was hard, but really fun. Eventually, they left one by one – and I taunted them “But its five of you against one of me – how can that be fair?” Two came back. Bwahaha. It really is like clubbing baby seals (not that I really condone that).
Feb 7, 2003 20:041125818517%35Frantic
After this game (and getting first place for the day), some teeny-girl came up to me and asked if I wanted to partner up with her in the next game. I told her that I didn’t partner up. I *should* have told her that I was already happily married. ;-) Its nice to have a fan and all though. ;-)
Feb 7, 2003 19:211101720045%28Solo Named
First game with Ray since October 2002 (fund raiser)
May 12, 2001 22:241132215329%29Solo Named
May 12, 2001 21:462225330019%33Ironman
Mar 25, 2001 20:1941754717%20Solo Named
Mar 3, 2001 21:301114414828%26Solo Named
Mar 3, 2001 20:481110414258%30Solo Named
Dec 2, 2000 23:215120415568%31Frantic
Players Include: Gunrunner, gunrunner, Jamie200, Dullmanx, Taskmaster
Nov 24, 2000 21:394135017178%31Solo Named
Nov 24, 2000 21:1251080176519%19Solo Named
Nov 24, 2000 20:443144920217%30Solo Named
Nov 24, 2000 19:554131618467%20Solo Named
Oct 28, 2000 23:09498118286%29Frantic
Players include; Gunrunner, Inferno, Taskmaster, Jamie2000, Dullmanx, pyro, Avalon, Seeker, etc..
Jun 28, 2000 22:513146717749%18Frantic
Players include; Cyberus, Lilith, Taskmaster, Tanar’ri, Ganon, Jamie2000, Avalon etc..
May 28, 2000 05:24437016416%29Frantic
Very strange game, looking at the scorecard – I’m 4th out of 29 with a score of 370 in a frantic – my frantic scores are usually much better than that. I can see that Taskmaster hit me some 21 times, while I hit him 22 times. Tanar’ri got me 12 times, vs my 16 on him and 7 and 7 for armageddon. Strangeness.
May 28, 2000 03:593150230216%31Frantic
I suspect that this was a half-hour frantic game judging by the number of shots fired and the number of hits I scored.
There appear to have been some fun duels – me vs Armageddon 17 to 30 (ouch), me vs Silvrbullt 20 to 28 (less ouch), me and Skyfire 17 to 17, me vs Jamie2000 8 to 3 (?) and me and Taskmaster 14 to 14.
May 3, 2000 19:134102016956%10Solo Named
May 3, 2000 18:42186614216%8Solo Named
Mar 31, 2000 21:41284013997%26Solo Named
Mar 31, 2000 20:26290115706%17Solo Named
Mar 3, 2000 21:23293712797%28Solo Named
Mar 3, 2000 20:474104915587%19Solo Named
Jan 28, 2000 20:463109315847%15Solo Named
Jan 28, 2000 20:042103216186%30Solo Named
Oct 4, 1999 20:45148211904%8Solo Named
Oct 4, 1999 19:59277813996%26Solo Named
Jun 4, 1999 22:30152911725%6Ironman
Jun 4, 1999 21:23285115296%21Solo Named
May 21, 1999 22:171197230607%16Ironman
May 21, 1999 21:241121215807%13Solo Named
May 14, 1999 21:39331511734%8Solo Named
May 14, 1999 20:59449911834%25Solo Named
May 14, 1999 19:582121916467%28Solo Named
Apr 23, 1999 21:18177714305%18Solo Named
Apr 23, 1999 20:371121115758%21Solo Named
Apr 23, 1999 19:54268914155%16Solo Named
Mar 27, 1999 22:01289115186%31Solo Named
Mar 27, 1999 20:28174314036%15Solo Named
Mar 27, 1999 19:4555959317%27Solo Named
Mar 19, 1999 22:391207933457%23Ironman
I suspect this is an iron man, even though it is listed as a solo named – 3345 shots in a 15 minute game seems way beyond what I usually play. So, it is possible that this is in error.
Mar 19, 1999 21:56184715275%12Solo Named
Mar 19, 1999 20:571103817896%21Solo Named
Feb 26, 1999 20:53364114665%27Solo Named
Feb 12, 1999 22:261173727536%17Solo Named
Feb 12, 1999 21:42153011445%6Solo Named
Now this was a small game – 6 players!
Feb 12, 1999 20:501120816197%22Solo Named
Feb 12, 1999 20:21270114395%21Solo Named
Jan 29, 1999 20:43172813766%8Solo Named
Jan 29, 1999 20:08166213635%9Solo Named
Dec 4, 1998 22:271291934599%15Ironman
Nov 20, 1998 22:271114118896%24Solo Named
Nov 7, 1998 14:081174720168%30Solo Named
Nov 7, 1998 13:22278318054%28Solo Named
Feb 20, 1998 21:44192914916%20Solo Named
Feb 20, 1998 20:14197315906%29Solo Named
Feb 20, 1998 19:381158916409%30Solo Named

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