Lowertown snow clearing operations: A dance of machines.

Ever wonder what goes into clearing the snow off the streets of Ottawa? I got curious too, and took the opportunity one night to record the whole thing, then edited it down to a manageable two and a half minutes for you:

By the time everything was done, just shy of three in the morning, I was surprised by the number of vehicles required to do the job properly. A dance of machines.

2 thoughts on “Lowertown snow clearing operations: A dance of machines.”

  1. Hey this is a great video. I am the blower man in this video and i somehow came across this video looking for another. And through word of mouth this has made it all the way up to our big boss. Thanks a million for this awesome shot as most ppl complain abt the noise but its infact a well scheduled operation and the outcome id say most ppl are happy with

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