M&M Colour Distribution Research Project

M&MsOne of the funny things about being me is that I like to count things. One day I picked up a pack of M&Ms (my favourite candy) and there were no yellows, no oranges, and no reds.

That started to make me wonder what the colour distribution of M&Ms was like. So, I started to count them, at first on paper, then in a spreadsheet.


Whenever I have bought a regular-sized (49 grams) bag of Peanut M&Ms, I would pour the contents out, and count them by colour and make note.

Predominantly, the M&Ms have come from stores within two kilometres of home. I did not include broken M&Ms in the count unless there was enough of the broken M&M to make up most (75%) of a M&M.

The data below is from the spreadsheet to ensure the freshest possible results and compare them to what official ratios (note: the link now goes to Archive.org after the M&M’s site has been re-organized) should be (thanks Fluffysphere ).

Average number of M&Ms per package:

Average number of M&Ms per package

Some Totals:

365 bags of M&Ms, containing 8,079 M&Ms, an average of 22.13 M&Ms per bag.
Brown: 962
Blue: 1,728
Green: 1,303
Yellow: 1,348
Orange: 1,749
Red: 989

If you are really are bored, you can look at all the colour information. The data is also available in CSV or Excel formats. I love hearing about how my data is being used, so please let me know!

4 thoughts on “M&M Colour Distribution Research Project”

  1. Hello Thomas,

    I used your data in a project for Artificial Intelligence class. I applied Neural Network to predict if a bag contain a missing color. I am doing a Master in Applied Computer Science.

    Thank you for sharing this data.

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