RIP Blog, long live the blog – updating the obvious

My poor, poor blog.

I know, I know. About a year ago, I *really* broke the software I wrote to run this blog. The list of features (comments, anyone?) that would be nice to have grew. And grew. And kept growing at a steady pace. At the same time, my business really took off, so my available time (and, honestly, motivation) to work on it was dwindling down to null.

When I migrated over to ServerNorth, I  busted a bunch of things, and the time I wanted to spend writing, I spent fixing things.  I decided to do something about it.  After a few tests, I knew it was time to put my fancy-smancy custom written blog out of it’s misery.

So, after months years of my buddy David Peralty telling me to migrate to WordPress, it’s done, along with some great help from David to get things in order while I’ve been swamped with March 31 deadlines and other projects.

Here we are, everything looks pretty much the same, but with a working admin section so I hope that this will be the rebirth this blog’s needed.  Special thanks to David for all his help in getting this puppy on the road/in the tubes.

So, I have a pile of ideas for posts piled up, so I’ll start working them out, including what will promise to be a massive post about backups.  If you spot anything broken or not quite right, feel free to let me know and I’ll sort it out (eventually).


One thought on “RIP Blog, long live the blog – updating the obvious”

  1. I can FINALLY comment! I look forward to seeing how this site evolves, and hopefully, it reduces any barriers in you posting new content. As much as I love to write, I also love to read, and I’m almost as quick consuming content as I am generating it… so get working.

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