Super-inexpensive iPhone stand using a MiniDV tape case

Given the amount of video that I have shot over the years on DV, I have a rather large number of miniDV tapes kicking around.

One day, I was capturing some footage and noticed that my iPhone fit into the DV tape case. Ever since, I’ve had one to two on my desk.

Many iPhones will fit, even with a case on it unless it happens to be an unusually thick one.

This will probably work with similarly sized- Android phones, too.

Practically free, and works very well.

This post was inspired by Suzemuse, who tweeted earlier today “Yesterday @wtl taught me to make an iPhone stand from an empty miniDV tape case. I’d take a picture of it, but my iPhone is on the stand.

Being at #FridayOffice, I borrowed Mark’s iPhone to use as model and took a quick shot of it.

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