The Walking Data

Walkabout: 54,852 steps, 44.85 KM, 3,485 caloriesI love to walk. I love numbers. Over the years, I’ve killed many pedometers, so when I got my iPod Nano (warranty replacement from Apple – Thanks!), was delighted to learn that it had a built-in pedometer, and I picked up a watchband for it. We’ve been (nearly) inseparable ever since.

All distances are in kilometres, because using miles in this modern day and age is silly.

June 296.79218.41185.77190.18
July 277.38278.72196.71198.71
August 310.78308.75286.17217.10
September 266.77283.75227.57144.49
November 170.26348.89207.80159.32
December 170.42266.08178.4395.68
Totals3087.61 km3319.97 km2182.45 km2066.20 km

If you’ve read my blog over the years, or follow me on Twitter, you no doubt have seem me mention some of the walks I’ve been on like Pushing Myself, Sweltering walkabout, or tweets like this one:

Now get out there and go for a walk!

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  1. You could walk to my place in two or three months… 🙂 That is crazy to me. Keep it up man. I’m sure it not only provides you with enjoyment but adds years onto your life.

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