Two thousand, nine hundred and twenty two days and counting

Getting married, Feb 21, 1998If you are struggling with the math, that is eight years.

Of what, you ask? Being married [link].

We have an odd marriage. We both work from home, spend most of our days working less than five metres apart, we have lunch and dinner together almost everyday – I suspect that we spend more quality time together in a week than many “normal” couples do in a month. We go out for walks – errands in the market, fairly often (although they have been somewhat sidelined by my foot of late), see each other off

When I look at other couples with regular jobs, rushing around to work and then home, snarfing down supper, watching television or getting the kids off to some event, then the weekends are spent doing chores and running errands, I honestly don’t know how they can maintain a relationship.

Tracey and I talk about stuff all the time – in the morning, at lunch, as we see something interesting online, occasionally bouncing ideas off each other, supper..

I think our relationship is easy because we are always communicating, and I wouldn’t change that for anything.

My trusty G5’s built-in Dictionary (New Oxford American Dictionary, 2nd Edition), says that love is (as a noun) ” an intense feeling of deep affection” or as a verb “feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone)”.

Those are true, but I think love is something more than that, which so far, I haven’t been able to put into real words, or I would have. I do know that love that takes time – by the time Tracey and I got married, we had known each other for nearly eight years – six and a half of which were as friends.

When I think about my life, it gets broken into three parts – living at home, my years as a bachelor in Ottawa (absolutely convinced I would never meet anyone and would be single for my entire life), and my time with Tracey. I often wonder where life would have gone if we had gotten together earlier.

She inspired me to follow my dreams of self-employment, given me strength when I needed it, and most importantly, loves me for who I am. At some point in the past, I heard/read that one should marry their best friend. That always sat well in my head.

She’s my best friend. I am her best friend. I love her. I know it. She knows it. Life is good.

Thanks, Universe.

Music of the moment: A Silhouette Of Doom (Album Version) – Kill Bill Vol. 2 (Original Soundtrack [link] – maybe not the most appropriate music as I finish this entry, but hey, that is what iTunes is playing.