Vacation 2010 Part 1

Another year, another vacation post.

Well, that’s what you may think.

Oh, wait. You’re probably right in thinking that. Sorta.

Lots of people at Parliament Hill taking in the show, including myself, @Halyma and @MishkaOttawaTwo of the last things we did before heading out of Ottawa was to Inception– which was, I’m pleased to report a not bad at all movie. We both enjoyed it, but don’t really understand what some people are so confused about. We also went to see the Mosaika – Sound and Light Show on Parliament Hill.

Anyway, moving on.

This year’s trip to Algonquin was a bit different in a few ways;

As our first vacation without Boing, it was another sad milestone, but we’ve gotten used to it now. We also realized that most of our camping photos were of Boing either lying in the sun, being cold, at the front of the canoe, or lying in laps.

Once again, we had bears in the campground – we never saw them, but apparently they were sighted fairly regularly in the area around us. Reportedly, a couple of bears were shot and killed by park rangers the night before we arrived – which, unfortunately, is really all that can be done to bears who have become habituated to people and the people who don’t keep a clean site. We’re a bit extremist in our ways, keeping the site clean and food stowed away, but it’s served us well. If only other people would learn to do it and never, ever feed any animals in the park (except Grey Jays – more on this later).

The first five days we had to ourselves – we do love our friends, but we were in no shape to be of company by the time we made it up to the park.

No, really, I’m not kidding in the least. The first three or four days, I slept on average fourteen hours a night, got up in the late morning, ate breakfast and then lay down in the hammock to read a book until I dozed off. I’ll guess and say I probably was moving around for four hours a day.

We did get out in the canoe a few times, and even went on a walk with a naturalist, who at one point discussed how the Grey Jays were in danger in the park and we should feed them. Thing is.. we didn’t really see any. Lots of Blue Jays, though

One other thing happened while were were on the walk – an older couple had two foreign exchange students with them – a Greek and Cambodian in their early 20s, I’d guess. Tracey had noticed that everything the Greek woman had seemed to be sparkly. Now what got me – and I guess the couple are city folk, but still, really. The naturalist was discussing how beavers modify their environment to better suit them, and the Cambodian woman asked the man what beavers where.

His reply floored me. “It’s like a cat” he said.

I know. I know! At least I managed not to laugh aloud.

A cat? Sure, they both have fur… but…

So, I had one of my (sometimes annoyingly frequent) internal discussions as to wither or not I should be helpful and correct him. In then end, I decided that seeing as he was the authority figure for them on their stay, I probably shouldn’t undermine him.

But… A cat?

My simple description of a beaver, which I think should be fairly universal (on this planet, anyway) would be; “A beaver is like an aquatic rat, several times larger, has a wide tail to aid it in swimming, and eats the bark off trees that it knocks down.”


Another perfect day at Pog Lake (Algonquin Park). Bye to Mark and his family, hello to Alex and the VibertsThe exact order of arrival for our visitors isn’t important. This year, we were treated to a slew of people who have never camped with us before. Many could only manage a day or two, in which most time was just spent relaxing and chatting.

I do hope everyone managed to enjoy their time in the park, and we were very happy to have everyone up. Hopefully, next year, we’ll see some of them again. You can have a look at some of the photos we took on Flickr.

We returned home, unpacked everything, but it away, mowed the grass, and decided to go see a movie, so we went off to see Scott Pilgrim VS The World. Plainly, if you haven’t seen it, go see it while it’s in theatres – this movie is *hilarious*. Both Tracey and I laughed and laughed all the way through the movie.

Then, we were off getting ready for FanExpo, which I’ll try to write up in another post.