Visitors from Scotland

So, this weekend I had the chance to enjoy the pleasure of meeting two folks from Scotland; Robert (an Amiga user I met on and Sue.

We had a great time! On Saturday, my good friend Ray and I went to meet them at Nichols in the market. After a few pints (sorry Ray), we wandered through the market, past the US embassy, into Major’s Hill park, down to the Ottawa River, across the locks, down the path to the stairs, up the stairs to the cat house (a place for cats to stay on the Hill). From there, we crossed the lawn in front of the Peace Tower, and then down to the hotel they were staying at.

After a short stay at the hotel to check in, get settled and what not, we returned to the market for dinner at Zaks, and my wife joined us there moments later. Everyone was impressed by the sheer size of the burger Ray ordered (Zak Attack).

From there, we walked Ray back to our place because he had to head out. At this point I remembered to grab my camera and take some photos. Sue and Robert met Boing, and then we headed back out for more sightseeing. We wandered over to Rideau Falls, along Sussex drive, then back into the Market to check out Zaphod Beeblebrox’s for some brews, who graciously let us in without paying the cover charge because they were from Scotland and dearly wanted to see it. Interestingly, the music playing was off of Radiohead’s Amnesiac album.

We then wandered back to the base of Parliment hill along the Ottawa river, but walked further – the other side of downtown, and then came back along Wellington until we got to O’Connor.

At this point, my wife headed home, and the three of us wandered over to Elgin Street and ended up at the Celtic Cross. We sat around for a pitcher or three, talking about everything that came to mind and then called it a night around 1am.

The next morning Tracey and I drove over to the hotel to pick them up for breakfast at Patty Bolands (yum!). Ray met us there. After breakfast, we all piled into the Golf and drove back to the hotel, and then walked over to the Museum of Nature, and did a *really* quick look around (lobby and gift shop). Soon thereafter, they vanished from view and we haven’t seen them since (another way of saying they walked into the hotel, and we drove away).

All in all, a most excellent way to spend a weekend, although a bit rushed. I look forward to their next visit and I hope that they will have more than 24 hours to spend in Ottawa so we can really show them around.