Will your next computer be an Apple or Mac?

While working tonight I was listening to the latest epiosde of i can haz podcast (Episode #27) with with Stefan & @suzemuse, when Stefan brought up the next question of the week (~1:14:00ish), which made me chuckle aloud as he’s not a fan of Apple products:
“Are you an Apple or Mac person”, in the context of the your next computer purchase.  Quickly enough, Sue pointed out that he meant Windows or Mac, but it got me thinking.


While the question isn’t what Stefan meant, I think nonetheless it is valid if you take Apple to mean an iOS device. With the power available in iPads running iOS5, (and, I suppose other tablet devices, but it appears that consumers overwhelmingly want iPads), more and more people do not need a home computer anymore, so why bother buying one and leaving it sit at a desk?


I know, I know.  It sounds like crazy-talk, but for an average use (I don’t believe I qualify), an iPad meets all of the requirements to do what people want to do with a computing device; Email, surf the web, watch Netflix and YouTube, create & edit documents, and play games.


We have already seen substantial numbers of users shift away from desktops to laptops – they want to be portable, able to work anywhere, so the next reasonable step to me is to move to something nearly as (if not as powerful as) and is lighter *and* easier to use.  Enter the iPad.


So, I think asking the question if someone’s next computer will be an iPad or Mac (or tablet / laptop or desktop) is fair  and we will see a surprising number of people moving away from computers to iPads.


2 thoughts on “Will your next computer be an Apple or Mac?”

  1. I definitely think I’ll be getting a laptop next. With the comfortable accessories of a bigger monitor and an external mouse, it is rare that I need the crazy power of a desktop. As for storage space limitations in a laptop, external hard drives are my friend.

    As for tablets and other things, I’m happy with my smartphone. I don’t understand the advantage of a tablet if you already have a smartphone and a laptop.

  2. I think half the mistake people make while trying to figure out Apple’s plan, is that they keep the business mentality: Requirements, ROI, practicality, etc…

    The Apple products definitely score well, but c’mon – these are almost all still consumer-focused toys! TOYS!

    Are they fun? Do people _want_ them? I think that’s why you don’t see those stupid bullet points on the side of the box with Apple products
    (Lights up! Weighs down papers in a strong breeze! Plays music while you take a shower! Battery charger includeed!)

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